Bideak. Rutas y relatos sonoros
Enkarterri, 2012
Selected for the call Interventions and artistic stays in the countryside. Enkarterri Ikas-Art 2012.
Exhibited in 2014 StripArt. Centre Cívic Horta-Guinardó.


Approach to the rural space of Enkarterri (Euskadi, Spain) from the paths network through the narration of the landscape and the territory of the towns of Güeñes, Zalla, Balmaseda and Sodupe. From the research, the study and the action towards what transforms the interaction between people and what we call social space in a rural context, the project connects our own personal experience of immersion in the place and its people through different routes. These drifts were visual and sound documented and were compilated in a printed publication and a digital sound archive.