De molls i de terra (Of red mullet and of ground)
Mollet del Vallès, 2018
A project by Marta Carrasco and Sergi Selvas (Mixité)

What changes have occurred since Mollet del Vallès was the European Capital of the Environment? What do the paintings and photographs of the territory tell us? Can we create a new image that represents the city of Mollet and its landscape heritage for sustainability?

Thus, with this project, it is proposed to rethink the image of the city of Mollet so that it captures a multiple and diverse identity. Taking advantage of the relationship between Mollet and environmental sustainability, during the process, a critical reflection of the institutional policies on the environment and climate change in recent years is proposed. That is why we work with environmental organizations of the territory, related to the conservation and study of the landscape and the environment, farmers and farmers, as well as residents of natural spaces. We propose them to reflect on the landscape and sustainability from their own individual and collective identity with respect to their city, to subsequently collect all these inputs and design a graphic image that identifies the plurality of visions that describe the past, the present and the future of the city of Mollet.

This is a proposal within the framework of the exhibition d’enamorar-se així, d’equivocar-se així, d’exposar-se curated by Experimentem amb l’ART (Dolors Juarez, Judit Onsés and Issac Sanjuan) for the Aparador at the Abelló Museum in Mollet del Vallés.