Working (as if…)
Roca Umbert, Granollers (Barcelona), 2019
Research Project Curated by Sergi Selvas (Mixité).

Winning project of the 2017 curatorial call 2017 (Roca Umbert). Artists: Marina Vishmidt, Oxana Timofeeva, Priscila Fernandes, Sebastian de Line, Sara Martín Alegre, Camille Orny, Luca Carboni, Marta Echaves, Sofía Estévez, Francesc Pujol, Judit Garrell and Natalia Fernández.

Working (as if…) is an experiment to put into play speculation, a laboratory that aims to redefine the future of work and production systems. As an attempt to understand new utopian and dystopian worlds of human relationships, which leads to various premonitions, hidden by a strange symbiosis of optimism and pessimism.

Five projects have already been developed within this research a part from this: Have you ever seen yourself from the other side of the wall?Land of Speculation, DAI Con. (, i Couching Fiction.