Table talk


5.1 Sound Installation – 42.00 minutes (Catalan – No Subtitles)
Co-Authors: Albert Rafart, Oihane Sarrionandia and Charlotte Jansen

This project arises from the motivation given from the food topic. For this project we understood food as a focal point of social construction as is the table talk after a meal.

Este proyecto surge de la motivación dada desde el tema de los alimentos. Para este proyecto hemos entendido la alimentación como un punto focal de la construcción social como es la conversación en la mesa después de una comida.

→ Bio
(Manresa, 1985) Artist and curator, currently pursuing a Master of Arts at the Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, The Netherlands – He has developed educational and curatorial projects such as Inter-Actions ( at the University of Barcelona and Mobile Unit of the Landscape ( at the Regional Museum of Manresa. He has exhibited in various spaces and institutions, as well as selected events among which destquen Mollet Art, Young Art Award, Can Felipa, IKAS-Art, Arts Santa Monica and La Capella.
→ Projects and Exhibitions

2016 Can Felipa’15. at the Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona.

2016 Festival Ingràvid’16. at the Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona & Museu Empordà, Figueres.

2016 INLAND Nederland Gathering at the Sonsbeek’16: transACTION, Arnhem (The Netherlands).

2016 Mollet Art’16. Memorial Cesc Bas, at the Museu Abelló, Mollet del Vallès.

2016 Festival Visuals 2016, organitzed by Centre Artístic and Manresa City Council.

2016 Visual Arts Production Grant organized by Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Barcelona.

2016 Centre Cultural el Casino de Manresa. Performance and Exhibition, Manresa.

2015 Young Art Award of the Government of Catalonia with the project “Change of state”, Barcelona.

2015 Artists’s Book_ at the Appartshowroom, organized by University of Barcelona.

2015 Estètiques Transversals. Mobile Unit of the Landscape at the Museu Comarcal de Manresa.

2015 ArtCluster Festival, Girona.

2015 Artistic Internventions at the Puente de Deusto (Deusto Bridge), organized by Mawatres and Basc Country University, Bilbao.

2015 FesCamp 2015 – Festival d’Art, Comunitat i Medi Ambient at Sant Cugat del Vallès.

2015 Triple Mortal with the project “Strike Here”. Organized by the schools of art La Massana, Fine Arts Faculty (University of Barcelona) and La Llotja, Barcelona.

2014 Stripart 2014 with the project “Bideak. Routes and Sound Sotires” at the Social Centre of Horta-Guinardó, Barcelona.

2014 Basilisco In Da Nieve with the project “35.493065, 12.592679”. Curated by Infarto en Shangai collective, Barcelona

2013 Mostra Internacional d’Art Urbà Festival (MIAU2013) with the project “Memories’ Water”, Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona

2013 Selected for the Artist Residence for Creators in the art production center Cal Gras with the project “A.Fluent. Reconstructing the path of water” , Avinyó.

2013 Reflexions with the project “Social AI” at the Mutuo Centro de Arte gallery, Barcelona

2013 El Futur with the project “Chat between Gods”, curated by Morir de Frío at the Fine Arts Faculty and La Massana, Barcelona

2012 Situacions Reals with the project “No-Transit” at the Centre Cultural la Mercè, Girona

2012 Science of the City with the project “Urban Passage”. Organized by la Mandarina de Newton at Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona

2012 Artesans with the project “Wikitankers”. Organized by ACVIc and Idensitat at the La Capella, Barcelona

2012 Selected for the residence Intervenciones & Estancias Artísticas en el Medio Rural. Enkarterri Ikas-Art-2012 with the project “Bideak. Routes and Sound Stories”, Bilbao.

→ Conferences and Publications

2016 VV.AA. “I left my pdf in Bandung”. Location, Location, Location project curated by Tirdad Zolghadr and Sarah Pierce at Dutch Art Institute. Arnhem

2015 Güell, Núria (ed.) “Quinze Planes Terroristas”. Ajuntament de Barcelona & Sant Andreu Contemporani. 978-84-9850-781-2, Barcelona

2015 López-Levi, Liliana; Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. (co-ed.) Monográfico “Turismo, tematización de la ciudad y urbanismo contrahegemónico”. URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales, vol. 5, núm. 2. ISSN: 2014-2714

2015 Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. “Cosas que pasan cuando estudiantes de arte y arquitectura se encuentran para discutir sobre la ciudad”. URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales, vol. 5, núm. 2., 241-245. ISSN: 2014-2714

2015 Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. “Una pedagogía social para un desarrollo colectivo de la ciudad contemporánea”. URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales, vol. 5, núm. 2., 293-302. ISSN: 2014-2714

2015 Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. “Inter-Accions. Prácticas colectivas en el espacio urbano. Un proyecto pedagógico entre arquitectura y arte”. Revista Dearquitectura, 6, 76-89. ISSN: 2011-3188.

2015 Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. “Inter-Accions. Una experiència transdisciplinaria en un context pedagògic col·lectiu”. [eng: Inter-Accions. A transdisciplinary experience in a pedagogical context] REIRE, Revista d’Innovació i Recerca en Educació, 8 (2), 242-255. ISSN 2013-2255.

2015 Carrasco, Marta; Selvas, Sergi. “Interactive sound maps as tools for the transformation of the social space”. Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, 12. ISSN 1555-9351.

2015 Carrasco, M. & Selvas, S. Inter-Accions. Pràctiques col·lectives per a intervencions a l’espai urbà.  Reflexions d’artistes i arquitectes en un context pedagògic col·lectiu. [eng: Inter-Accions. Collective practices for interventions in urban space. Reflections of artists and architects in a collective education context] UPC Editions 978-84-9880-480-5 & UB Publications 978-84-475-3841-6, Barcelona

2014 Carrasco, M. & Selvas, S. Rutas y relatos sonoros. Una experiencia transdisciplinar entre el paisaje sonoro y la deriva. [eng: A transdisciplinary experience between soundscape and derive] URBS. Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales, 4(1), 111-122. University of Almeria

2014 A.Fluent. Reconstruint els camins de l’aigua. [eng: A.Fluent. Reconstructing the path of water] Poster presented to the International Congress Regadío, Sociedad, Territorio. Homenaje a T.F.Glick. Valencia, Spain.

2014 Inter-Accions. Una experiencia transdisciplinaria en un contexto pedagógico colectivo [eng: A transdisciplinary experience in a collective pedagogical context]. IV Conference about Pedagogical Relationship at the University. Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Organization of a round table called PostConstrucció in the context of Inter-Accions. Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Traced back cartographies. Two experiences in mapping the cultural landscape. Conferente at the  International Conference Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories. Coimbra, Portugal.

2014 Rutes i relats sonors: experiències de construcció de paisatges [eng: Routes and Sound Stories. experiences on reconstructing the landscape]. Conference at the Ús Festival Barcelona. Spain.

2014 Rutes i relats sonors: experiències de construcció de paisatges. Conference at  the Workshop “Cultural Landscape Projects”  at the ETSAV. Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain.2013 Round table Espècies d’espais: exercicis sobre la ciutat [eng: Kinds of spaces: exercices about the city] organized by Sala d’Art Jove 2013. Barcelona, Spain.

2013  El so com a paisatge [eng: Sound as Landscape]. Conference at  the Workshop “Cultural Landscape Projects”  at the ETSAV. Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

2012 Organization of the seminar Inter-Accions. Collective Practices on the Urban Space  in the context of Inter-Accions. Barcelona, Spain.


How can we share and innovate forms of aesthetic, social and political production? The artist seeks to answer this question investigating experimental ways of sociability, social interaction, cooperative movements and construction of meaning outside the hegemonic logics. A research based on cultural ecologies, that is, artistic experiences that serve as breeding ground of actions which propose a way of living based on collaborative practices.

Therefore, in order to subvert the logics of work, social organization and progress (understood from the capitalist perspective), I bring the ideas of collaboration and collectivisation together to investigate new tools, methodologies and practices related to the construction of meaning.Thus, essentially my aim is to explore ways of dissent and self-management based on economic, social and political principles which are linked to the history and collective memory.


Problems of contemporaneity are debated in the works of 12 artists who are part of the Contrafogos exhibition. Curated by Priscila Oliveira and Mechu Lopez Bravo, with Bruna dos Anjos, Andre Winn, Camila Soato, Juliano Ventura, Marie Carangi, Pablo Paniagua, Rogério Marques and Traplev, Carolina Chocron, Noah Rose, Sergi Selvas, Núria Güell, Xose Quiroga and Daniela Ortiz.

Public Library of Pelotas. May – Jun 2017

L’efecte vora. Exhibition curated by Anna Dot at the Sant Andreu Contemporani. Exhibiting ‘Can We Speak?’ developed at the Dutch Art Institute with the collaboration of Alfiah Rahdini.

08.04.17 – 20.05.2017 | Amine Asselman, Juan González, Julia Llerena, Amaia Molinet, Eriz Moreno, Edu Ruiz, Julia Salgueiro and Sergi Selvas

Selected by Mollet Art 16′ with the project Strike Here, and also exhibiting 35.493065, 12.592679 and OpenSource Migration at the anual exhibition of this institution.

Museu Abellò, Mollet. 17th of June – 13th of November, 2016

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